Settings - General

Rename your device in order to distinguish it more easily. (Currently limited to 15 characters)
Enter your device location for easier management. (Currently limited to 15 characters)
Current time
Current time is periodically synchronized with the system time via SNTP. When disconnected, the battery keeps RTC (real-time clock).
Time format
Choose your preferred time format.
Enable manual time settings
Manually set your device time (not recommended).
Enable Cloud Service
Checking this box will allow your device to be added to Supracontrol Cloud Service. SMTP will be disabled. You need to create an account on Cloud Service (if you do not already have one) and follow the integration procedure.
Device key
A hashed key that uniquely identifies your Device for Cloud Service integration.
Factory reset will erase all Device data and restore it to factory default settings. Administrator username and password will both be restored to "admin". Network settings will be restored to default (, DHCP disabled). Cloud integration will be disabled. This operation may take up to 3 minutes, please be patient and do not turn off the Device!
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