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Digital Inputs are a great way to expand your BIZ-TH100 Controller functionality.

You can either connect Supracontrol detectors or even third party digital inputs.


In this example, Input labels are "Water" and "Smoke", Input state labels are "not detected" and "detected".

Input states are OFF Input_off.png and ON Input_on.png



Input settings Input_settings.png


Input_settings.pngSelect input

Choose for which Input the settings are edited. Input name is displayed.



Edit Input name for easier management and insight. It is much more user friendly if Inputs are labeled e.g. "Water" or "Smoke" than "Input 1" or "Input 2".


On label

Set the label for Input's ON state


Off label

Set the label for Input's OFF state.


Suppress alarm

Suppress alarm option prevents unwanted alarms resulting from short-term Input activation. When checked, the Device must be in alarm continuously for the set amount of time (in minutes) before the Device signals an alarm. If the Input returns to OK state in the set time period, there will be no alarm and the delay timer will be reset.


Invert state

Default Input state is OFF when Input is inactive and ON when Input is active. Invert state option switches states so when the Input is active its state is OFF, when the Input is inactive its state is ON.

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