Firmware uploader

Install the latest firmware to your Controller using Supracontrol Firmware Uploader:

  • Download the appropriate firmware .hex file for your respective Controller
  • Make sure your PC and Controller are in the same network and that you can access the Controller
  • Ensure that there are no UDP port restrictions on the firewall
  • Run the SC_Firmware_uploader.exe


  • Enter your Controller IP address and press Connect


  • The blinking red LED will indicate that the Controller is in firmware upload mode


  • Select Load Hex File and browse for the downloaded firmware .hex file



  • Press Upload and wait until your Controller installs the new firmware



  • When the upload finishes, you should see a verification message
  • The green LED indicates that the Controller is operational


  • Press Disconnect and exit the application


Download Supracontrol Firmware Uploader:

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