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Cloud Service gathers data from your Device and plots a graph. When the Device is added for the first time, the first values are displayed on the right side of the graph.

By default, the graph shows temperature values over the last 24 hours, plotted in red, but you can switch between Temperature and Humidity views and also choose the time period between 24h, 7d and 30d (24 hours, 7 days and 30 days respectively). Humidity is plotted in blue.

The vertical axis shows your selected temperature unit (°C or °F) while the horizontal axis represents time.

High and low thresholds are also displayed on the graph, in gray.

If you hover your cursor over the graph, you will see more detailed info on that moment in time (sensor value, exact time and date).

If you want to inspect a time period shorter than the one selected, you can highlight the wanted period on the graph by pressing and holding the left mouse button on the start of the desired period, highlighting the wanted period by dragging the cursor to the end of the wanted period and releasing the left mouse button. Graph will zoom in on your selected time period. Leave the zoom by pressing the show_all_graph.png button.

You can also download graph data in PDF, CSV or JSON format by pressing export_graph_button.png

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