Dashboard - Temperature and Humidity


Cloud Service displays real-time temperature and humidity values from the BIZ-TH100 Device as well as the minimum, average and maximum values for the last 24 hours.

The color code is: red for values above the high threshold, green for values within thresholds and blue for values below low threshold.



Temperature Settings Temp_slider_icon.png


Under Temperature Settings you can set low and high thresholds by adjusting the sliders.

Hysteresis alarm step is explained here.

Suppress alarm option prevents unwanted alarms resulting from short-term environment changes such as a stream of hot and humid air entering through a temporarily opened door. Such short-term conditions often present no cause for alarms.
When checked, the Device must be in alarm continuously for the set amount of time (in minutes) before the Cloud Service signals an alarm. If the measured value returns within thresholds in the set time period, there will be no alarm and the suppression timer will be reset.




Humidity Settings Humid_slider_icon.png


Humidity Settings work in exactly the same way as Temperature settings, except the Hysteresis alarm step is in increments of 5 instead of 1.


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