Why is the Device warm?

Every electronic device produces heat when operational. Waste heat is unavoidable, but Supracontrol Devices are designed to manage waste heat efficiently.
Produced heat has been carefully measured and compensated for by insulating sensitive areas within the casing and calibrating the sensors.
Therefore, Supracontrol Devices measure room temperature accurately, taking into account the heat generated by the Device itself.

Supracontrol Devices also have an option of connecting Supracontrol Detectors or third party devices to input ports, and supplying them with 12V DC power, up to 100 mA. This may cause increased heating, especially on the 48V PoE version of the BIZ-TH100. This is normal and will not affect the Device performance, other than slightly increasing measured temperature.
To reduce heating with connected inputs, 12V version of BIZ-TH100 is recommended.
Either way, BIZ-TH100 has an option to manually offset the temperature value for manual calibration.
Since the added heat only affects accuracy and not precision, simply adding a temperature offset is enough to calibrate the sensor for perfect accuracy.

This option can be found on Web Management Console under Settings > Sensor > Measurement Temperature Offset.



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