Device mounting

For optimal temperature measurements, BIZ-TH100 should be mounted upright.
Every electronic device produces heat when operational. BIZ-TH100 has been carefully designed to keep the temperature sensor insulated but still protected by casing from mechanical damage.
The sensor is located at the bottom of the Device, isolated from the circuit board and components.
Hot air naturally rises, so the waste heat from the Device does not affect the sensor. However, this applies only when the BIZ-TH100 is mounted properly. If the Device is not mounted according to specifications, it could slightly affect the measurement accuracy.
BIZ-TH100 comes factory-calibrated for upright mounting, but if you need to mount it in any other manner while keeping the measurement accuracy, the Device can be manually calibrated through Web Management Console. Learn more.

Note: The precision of the temperature sensor does not change. If mounted improperly, the sensor might read a slightly elevated temperature, but consistently. Manual offset can completely restore the sensor accuracy.



Upright position

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