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Digital Inputs are a great way to expand your BIZ-TH100 Controller functionality.


In this example, Output labels are "Water valve" and "Ventilation", Output state labels are "closed" and "on".

Output states are OFF Output_off.png and ON Output_on.png


Output settings Output_settings.png


Select output

Select to which Output the Settings and Rules will apply.




Name your Output for easier management and insight. It is much more user friendly if Outputs are labeled e.g. "Water Valve" or "Ventilation" than "Output 1" or "Output 2".


On label / Off label

Customize labels for ON/OFF states of your Outputs for clarification.

E.g. if your Output is "Water Valve", it is far more clear if the labels are "Closed" for ON state and "Open" for OFF state - in this case the activation of the Relay (ON) closes the valve.


Suppress Alarm

Suppress alarm option prevents unwanted alarms resulting from short-term Output activation. Such short-term conditions sometimes present no cause for alarms.
When checked, the Device must be in alarm continuously for the set amount of time (in minutes) before the Cloud Service signals an alarm. If the Output returns to Off state in the set time period, there will be no alarm and the suppression timer will be reset.


Initial State

Choose the default state that Relay Output is set to upon Device power-up

On - Relay is initially set to ON state when the Device is powered-up

Off - Relay is initially set to OFF state when the Device is powered-up

Unchanged - Relay state is initially the same as it was at the moment of last power-down.



Rules serve as automated tasks for Outputs and can be either scheduled or triggered by Temperature or Humidity values, Input values or even other Output values.

A Rule creation wizard is available on the Supracontrol Cloud, detailed Rules guide will be published here soon.

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