Device configuration

Power up the device

DC102 requires an external DC power supply. In cases where high reliability is required DC102 can be connected to two independent power supplies, Primary Power Supply (PPS) and Redundant Secondary Power supply (SPS).

 Note: Always use a quality, filtered DC power supply, with a minimum power of 30 W.


Access the Web Management Console

Supracontrol DC102 Web Management Console can be accessed by connecting it to a PC:

  • Connect the DC102 and PC Ethernet ports using an Ethernet cable
  • Manually set your PC's IP address to (or any other 192.168.0.X range available address except
  • Open a web browser on your PC, in the address bar enter the default DC102 IP address
  • Default username and password are both admin
  • You should now have access to your DC102 Web Management Console, please proceed to the next step


Cloud integration

Cloud integration enables you to access your DC102 over the Internet using Supracontrol Business Cloud Service or to connect with Supracontrol Enterprise Service on your local network.

Cloud integration is a simple process:

  • Connect to your DC102 Web Management Console
  • Go to Settings > General
  • Open the Cloud integration drop down list
  • Select Free Cloud Server if you want to connect your DC102 to Supracontrol Business Cloud Service or select On-premise Server if you want to connect to Enterprise application in your local network
  • Note: the device will reboot upon changing cloud integration setting


Configure network settings

When you first access your DC102 device, it is set to factory default network settings - IP address is and DHCP is disabled.
In order to prepare your device for use on your network:

  • Go to Settings > Network
  • Enter your preferred network settings and press the SAVE button (if you do not press SAVE, all changes will be lost)
  • Note: the device will reboot upon changing network settings
  • After the device's IP address has been changed you will need to access the device at its new IP address
  • Your DC102 is now ready for connection to your network
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