Resetting DC102

Reset button has 2 functions:

1. If the button is held for 3 seconds during normal operation and released after the LEDs start alternating rapidly, it will cause a reboot of the device.
2. If the button is still held after reboot (during power-up), it will cause
a factory reset (the LEDs start alternating at 0.5 second intervals: 1 second between consecutive green LED flashes and 1 second between consecutive red LED flashes).

There are 2 types of factory reset procedures, soft reset and hard reset.

1. If the reset button is held for less than 5 seconds after reboot (during power-up), it causes a soft factory reset which resets device settings to default, but leaves the user database and logs intact.
2. If the button is held for longer than 5 seconds after reboot (during power up), it causes a hard factory reset, effectively wiping the entire device memory, resulting in out-of-the-box state.

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