Lock settings




Location - select a location from an existing list (locations list can be edited in Location manager). Location will be displayed across Supracontrol Enterprise application, in emails and notifications. Learn more about Locations.
Lock type* - choose between fail safe and fail secure type locks, according to the type of lock installed. Fail safe locks will unlock during a power outage because they require power to remain locked. Fail secure locks will remain locked during a power outage because they require power to unlock.
Lock voltage* - set this according to whether the installed lock requires 12 V or 24 V power supply.

*Note: It is very important to select lock type and voltage according to the actual type of hardware lock installed. Selecting wrong lock type will result in reverse lock operation logic. Selecting wrong lock voltage may result in permanent hardware damage!

Unlock time (sec) - how long the lock remains unlocked after access has been granted.
Unsecure mode - this option allows all access cards and keys, even unregistered ones, to open the lock. This option should only be used if you installed the Supracontrol system but have not yet added access users or assigned them access rights.
Enable lock monitoring - choose whether to monitor the locked/unlocked status of the lock, if the installed lock supports it.

By selecting between normally open/closed options the normal sensor state is set.
Preferable option depends on the Input type.

Normally open option sets the normal state to when the Input circuit is open. When the Input circuit closes, it will go into alarm state.
Normally closed option sets the normal state to when the sensor Input is closed. When the Input circuit opens, it will go into alarm state.

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