Location manager

Navigate to Settings -> Application Settings -> Location Manager to access the Location manager.




Locations are organized in tree structures in order to provide a clear overview. Locations that have at least one sub-location connected to them are called parents, while such sub-locations are called children. Location that has no parents represents the root of a tree and locations that have no children are called leaves. All locations below a parent location (children's children) are called descendants, while all the locations above a child location (parents' parents) are called ancestors. Terminology follows this analogy for all other relationships between locations. Locations that are not a part of the same tree are unrelated.
Location manager uses a drag-and-drop system combined with options for each location for easy and intuitive management. The system rules are following:

1. When moving a parent location, all its children will be moved with it as well.
2. When moving a child location, its parent will not move.
3. A location that has children cannot be deleted.

Location manager options:

1. To create a new tree root press the green +NEW button in the upper right corner.
2. To open options for a location, click on that location in the tree to open the options menu.
3. In the location options menu you can: rename a location; add a child location to it; remove the location from the current tree and set it as the root of a new tree (all the descendants will move with it to the new tree); delete the location if the location has no children.
4. To manipulate with locations simply drag-and-drop them to different parts of the tree or to different trees. Root locations are sorted in alphabetical order and cannot be rearranged.

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