Application users

To add new Enterprise application users or manage them, navigate to Settings -> Application Settings -> Users:




In the upper right corner you can:

Enable/Disable user - This option allows you to disable selected application users without permanently deleting them. Disabled users will not have access to their Supracontrol Enterprise user accounts until you enable them.
Edit user - This option allows you to edit the selected application user's data and roles.
Delete user - Permanently delete the selected application user.
Edit table settings - Choose displayed table columns and edit their width.
Search - Search the Users table for a specific string.
+NEW - Create a new application user (the prompt is the same as for editing an existing user):




First and Last name will be displayed in the Enterprise application.
Email and Phone will be used for notifications.
Username and Password are used for logging into Enterprise application.

ROLES - Select whether the user will be an Enterprise application administrator or user and whether the user will also have Access rights.


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