Access users

To add and manage Access control users, navigate to Access tab:




In the upper right corner you can:

Open groups - (pending article)
Enable/Disable users - This option allows you to disable selected access users without permanently deleting them. Disabled users' access rights are suspended until you enable them.
Edit user - This option allows you to edit the selected user's personal and access data.
Delete user - Permanently delete the selected access user.
Edit table settings - Choose displayed table columns and edit their width.
Search - Search the Users table for a specific string.

+NEW - Create a new access user: 




First and Last name will be displayed in the Enterprise application.
PID is an optional, unique Personal Identification number.
Start and End time determine in which time period the access user has access rights.

Before adding a Card Code for the user, the user must first be created by clicking the green Create button in the lower right of the prompt.
After creating the user, up to 4 card codes can be assigned to a user:




Created user with assigned card codes still has no access rights. In order to grant access rights to a user, switch to the Permissions tab:




Here you can assign access rights to a user for any individual Location. More on Groups & Schedules coming soon.

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