Subscriptions are a great way to organize your notification preferences. They are essentially custom notification presets that can be easily switched on or off as necessary.
By combining the options (described individually below): Media, Schedule, Locations, Alarms and Users, it is easy to create a number of Subscriptions fitting your every need.
E.g. you can create a subscription that will notify you (and other users if selected), via both SMS and email, only during non-working hours, only on specific locations, on temperature and access events.


Navigate to Settings -> Subscription:



A - Edit selected Subscription
B - Delete selected Subscription
C - Edit table settings
D - Search
E - Create a new Subscription


The create/edit Subscription prompt:




Name - Enter a custom name for the Subscription for easier management.
Visibility - Choose between private and public Subscription type. Private type will be visible and available only to the current user. Public type can be assigned to other users as well, and is visible to everyone.
Media - Choose the media through which the Enterprise application will send notifications.
Schedule - Choose Schedules to which the Subscription will apply.
Locations - Choose from which Locations, or specific Controllers and Peripherals, you wish to receive notifications.
Alarms - Choose which alarms you want to be notified about. All alarm options are present, regardless of whether you have the Peripheral in question or not.


Subscription -> Users (available if public visibility selected):




Select all the users to which the Subscription will apply.

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