When managing more than a few access users, it is difficult to keep track of each user's access rights. In most cases, users can be divided into manageable sets, where all (or a vast majority of) users require access rights to same Locations.
Such sets are called Groups - they are assigned access rights and contain a number of access users.

Key Group features:

1. Each access user within a group has the access rights assigned to that Group.
2. Access user can be assigned to more than one Group.
3. Access user's access rights are a union of Groups' access rights the user is a member of and his individual rights.
Feature #3 means that an access user as a part of a Group cannot have less access rights than the Group he is a part of. In other words, an access user cannot be denied the access right that the Group he belongs to has. For such special cases, access user's individual access rights must be edited, or a new Group created.


Navigate to Access and open Groups




Groups -> General




1. Delete selected Group
3. Save current Group settings

In general Group settings you can edit the selected Group name and description.
After creating a Group, or choosing an existing one, proceed to permissions: 

Groups -> Permissions




Choose all the Locations to which the Group users will have access rights and Schedules when the access rights will apply.
After choosing Locations and Schedules, proceed to users:

 Groups -> Users:




1. Search users by first or last name

Select all the access users which will be assigned to the Group.
Save the Group settings to complete the Group creation/editing process.

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