Locations play two key roles in Supracontrol Enterprise - management and access rights.
For more details on Locations' structure and how to create and manage Locations, see Location manager.


Every Supracontrol device (Controllers, Peripherals and Cameras) can be assigned a Location.
With all your Supracontrol devices displayed on Enterprise in one place, it may soon become overwhelming to find exactly the devices and events you are interested in.
Peripherals may not necessarily be located in the same cabinet/room as the Controller they are connected to. This is why every device can be assigned its own independent Location, regardless of the Controller it is connected to.
By filtering Locations you can customize all your views, from Dashboard to Device, and separate physical and/or logical units to display only the relevant data and avoid mistakes such as activating the wrong output or editing wrong device settings.
Locations are displayed in every card and table next to their respective devices for improved overview.
Locations are also displayed in notifications for better description.


Access rights

By assigning Locations to an access user in Permissions you give that user access rights to all the Locks that are assigned the same Location.
Access users only have access rights to Locks associated with selected Locations, they do not have access to unselected children Locations of a parent Location. However, when initially selecting a parent Location, the children Locations will be selected automatically for easier bulk assignments and can then be manually deselected if an access user is not to be granted access right to that specific Location.

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