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Camera settings

In order to edit camera settings, navigate to Devices -> Cameras, select the camera for editing (3) and open Settings (4)




You will see the following prompt:





Location - Choose a Location to which the camera will be assigned.
Name - Enter a custom name for the camera for easier management.
Description - Enter a short description of the camera for easier management.
Username - Enter the camera login username so that Enterprise can access the camera.
Password - Enter the camera login password so that Enterprise can access the camera. 


IP Address - Enter the IP address on which Enterprise can reach the camera.
Video server - Choose from a list of available servers, depending on whether you have one or more local Supracontrol Video servers available.




Edit camera image hue, saturation, brightness and contrast.




Enable available camera detectors such as motion detection and set them up to be active on selected Schedules (default Schedule is "Always")




Create and edit System Triggers for camera recording.

In the example above, System Triggers "Supracontrol-Door" and "Rack01 Ouputs" are configured to trigger the recording on the selected Camera (CAM01 in this case) when the doors on the "Supracontrol" Location open/close and when Outputs on Location "Rack01" change state.

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