Configuring Peripherals

By default, all Peripherals on a new Controller are disabled. It is recommended to enable only the connected Peripherals. Enabling Peripherals that are not connected is possible and will not cause application malfunction, however it will result in unnecessary clutter and may cause confusion.

In this example, we have connected an RFID reader to Reader 1, an electromagnetic lock on Lock 1, magnetic door sensor on Door 1 and two sensors on Input1 and Input 2. The next step is to enable those Peripherals in Enterprise so that we can monitor and manage them from the application.

Navigate to Devices -> Peripherals and select the Peripherals you wish to enable:




A - Enable Peripheral
B - Disable Peripheral
C - Mute Peripheral
D - Edit Peripheral Location
E - Edit Peripheral settings
F - Edit table settings
G - Search

After clicking Enable (A), selected Peripherals will be ready to be set up (E) and assigned Locations (D):





Peripherals can be manually assigned one of three statuses: Enabled, Disabled and Silent. These statuses are Enterprise-side: they determine how the application handles Peripheral data, they do not change the Peripherals' operation.

Enabled - Peripheral is considered fully operational, managed and monitored.

Disabled - Peripheral is considered disconnected (even though it may be physically connected). This option should be used either when the Peripheral is actually physically disconnected or when you wish to consider it as disconnected. Enterprise application will completely ignore a disabled Peripheral: no data will be logged, no triggers concerning such a Peripheral will be activated, Peripheral options will be disabled etc.

Silent - Same as enabled except notifications are disabled. Data is still logged, triggers still apply etc. It can be used as a temporary measure (e.g. when a system maintenance is in progress and you know a lot of alarms will be triggered from expected, non-critical events) or as an emphasis that notifications from a particular Peripheral are not sent*.

*Note: In order for enabled Peripherals to send notifications they must first be included in Subscriptions.

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