Welcome to Supracontrol Enterprise - the premium web application for centralized remote monitoring and control of all your Supracontrol devices.

First steps - Controllers and Locations

In order to make any use of Enterprise, at least one Controller needs to be added. In order to make full use of Enterprise capabilities, Locations should be set up and customized.

Controllers are multi-functional IP network devices.

They can either work in online mode - connected to Enterprise, or offline mode - not connected to Enterprise (whether deliberately or by a faulty network connection).

In online mode, they serve as a proxy between Peripherals and Enterprise - logging and sending Peripheral data, enabling management of Peripherals such as locks and relay outputs, etc.

In offline mode, Controllers have a built-in web server and SMTP client and can manage Peripherals without being connected to Enterprise.

Peripherals are all the devices, inputs, outputs, sensors, locks, card readers etc., that are either connected to Controllers or an integral part of them (e.g. TH100 Controller has an integrated temperature & humidity sensor).

 Locations are logical units assigned to each Controller, Peripheral and Camera, invaluable for management of any significant number of devices, and essential in access control.

Before adding Controllers to Enterprise, it is often a wise step to first properly set up Locations according to your needs. For more info on Locations and how to configure them, click here.

 After configuring Locations, add your Controller(s) and you are are ready to go.

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