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Map view provides a geographical context for your Supracontrol solution.

Navigate to Map:




A - Map options
B - Location details

Map options:




a - Home view, adjusts the Map zoom level to fit all the markers
b - Show Location labels above markers
c - Show only markers with peripherals in alarm
d - Edit a marker




When editing a marker you can change the default zoom level, and the position of the marker.
To change the position of a marker, select the marker, press "Update location" (d), and press Change position. Reposition the marker on the Map and press the blue frame in the lower right corner once you are satisfied with the new marker position.

e - Delete a marker
f - Create a new marker




Choose a Location which the marker will represent and select the default zoom level.
Zoom level is applied when a Location is selected from the Navigation pane on the left part of the screen in the Map view.
Zoom level 1 is the widest zoom, level 18 is the maximum zoom. Each higher zoom level displays an area four times smaller (two times smaller on each axis) than the previous zoom.
Zoom level 2 displays the entire Earth.
Zoom level 12 displays an area roughly 37 kilometers across.
Zoom level 580 displays an area roughly 600 meters across. 

B - Location details




When a marker is selected, Location details will open on the right side of the screen. By pressing the Filter option (in this case, All (6)) you can filter the peripherals by type.
Peripherals with an orange trapezoid on the bottom have an extended view that can be accessed by clicking anywhere on the card. In this case, Temperature and Humidity sensors display the graph of their respective values over a 24h period, and Outputs display a button for manual switching between relay states.

C - Marker status




Green (OK) - the Location assigned to this marker has no Peripherals in alarm.
Red (number) - the Location assigned to this marker has (number) Peripherals in alarm.
Orange (OK/number) - selected Location.

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