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Access control report

Reports for access control can be created in Adobe (Portable Document For,at) and Micorsoft Excel format. There are two types of reports that can be created, access by user report and access by location report in defined time period.
Create report window contains of the two parts. In left part of the window can be selected type of report, time period and output format while in the right part can be selected access user or location that depends on the report type.




1. Report type - drop down list to select type of report. Type of report can be Access by user report and Access by location report
2. Selected period - select time period for report
3. Report format - output format can be Adobe PDF and Microsoft Excel format
4. Select user - selecting user or locations, depending on the report type
6. Search - Tool at the toolbar for searching data by desired term





1. Report header - report header contains application's license name, name and last name of the registered user who has created report and time of the created report
2. Report type - Report type group shows location or access user for created report
3. Summary - Summary group contains total number of the registered actions depending on the selected report type
4. Records - Group records displays information about registered actions

In summary view of information in access report by location it is possible to see two specific categories:

  • Unregistered Card - shows output information about unsuccessful attempt to access to location with an unregistered card or cases when card to access to location isn't added to Supracontrol base.
  • Access Denied - shows output information of unsuccessful attempt to access location in cases when access user doesn't have rights to that location.
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