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Controller settings

Managing of the controllers setting is possible only if controller is added to system. Controllers settings allows user to change controller's default settings by his own needs. Controller settings contains two tabs:

  • General
  • Network




1. Toolbar contains Controllers button that opens tabular view of all controllers added to a system at the desktop
2. Select controller
3. Device settings tool allows access to controller's settings






Name - input field for controller's name.The default name of the controller is its factory model and the maximum number of the characters is 16.
Synchronize database - button SYNC allows manual synchronization of the information in the controller's memory with database information
Select timezone - drop down list with selection menu of the UTC (Coordinate Universal Time) time zone
Enable daylights saving time - control box that allows automatic change of the daylight saving time
NTP address - input field for NTP (Network Time Protocol) server
Location - drop down list with selection menu of the location to which is controller added
Set location for all device peripherals - option that allows adding location to all peripherals connected to controller
Save - saving all settings. Changes become actual only when all settings are saved






Enable DHCP - Control box to activate DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) Client mode. Controller will be automatically obtain network setting from DHCP server
IP address - input field for controller's IP (Internet Protocol) address. Default IP address of the Supracontrol's controller is
Subnet mask - input field for controller's subnet mask. Default subnet mask is
Default gateway - input field for controller's default gateway. Default gateway is
Primary DNS - input field for server's primary DNS (Domain Name System). Default of the server's primary DNS is
Secondary DNS - input field for server's secondary DNS (Domain Name System). Default of the server's secondary DNS is
NetBIOS name - input field for NetBIOS's name. Default of the NetBIOS name is Netbios
MAC - field with displayed controller's MAC address. Field for MAC address isn't enabled for input and it is used only for information
Save - saving all settings. All changes will became actual when the all settings are saved




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