Homepage of the Supracontrol Enterprise application is page Locations and it's used for navigation through the created locations. For each location is possible to monitor operation conditions (access control, temperature, humidity, smoke and flood rope and video surveillance).




1. By the opening application, all locations are closed
2. By pressing icon mceclip1.png, it is possible to open all system's locations




3. It is possible to open only one location by pressing the icon mceclip2.png.


To the locations can be added peripheral devices (locks, magnetic door sensors, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, smoke sensor and flood rope sensor), and cameras for video surveillance. If to the location is added peripheral device or camera, next to the location's name will be displayed peripheral or camera icon.

mceclip3.png Locations with added peripheral devices
mceclip4.png Locations with added cameras
mceclip5.png Locations with two alarmed peripherals




4. For each location is possible to review all event logs. Row of selected location swipe to the left then the  icon mceclip6.png named Events is shown.
5. Icon Events displays list of all event log for selected location. List is ordered from newest to older.




6. Tool Search  is used for searching wanted location and it is located at the toolbar. In front of the icon mceclip7.png will appear input field to input desired term. After inputs the location or part of location at the desktop will display searched location.

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