Sidebar contains filters used for filtering or minimizing display of the information in modules. Filters are grouped by type of the filters group. Modules have different filter groups that depends of the type of elements and information displayed in particular module, common filter group for all modules is Location group.

By selecting particular filter, desktop will  display information that are related to selected filter. Filter from different groups can be used on its own or combined and it is possible to select more filters inside one group or different groups.

Marking filters is manifested by changing a color on selected filter. When text of filter is orange, filter is active  and when filter is white color, filter is inactive. Filter groups can opens or close by pressing orange arrow located at the group's toolbar. Total number of selected filters is displayed at the status bar.




Filters consists of the following elements:

1. Filter's group name
2. Filters inside group
3. Additional tools for group Locations
4. Button to deactivate all active filters


Specific filter groups are described in the chapters of each module.





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