Supracontrol mobile application is available for mobile devices running  iOS and android operating systems called Supracontrol Enterprise. Application can be downloaded from Apple App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).




1. Search Supracontrol Enterprise app in your Store.
2. Run download of the application then press install.
3. When installation is done, run application
4. Before getting started using application, at mobile phone's screen can appear message, do you want to receive notifications from applications. Notifications can be enabled later in mobile settings.




5. Before you enter username and password you must enter the IP address of the server. Press the icon located at the top right corner that opens new page named Accounts.




6. Press ADD button that allows input of the server by name New server.




7. After successfully input of the Server's IP, application will return at the login page. Above input field's for username and password will be displayed server's IP address.
8. Input username and password and press Log in
9. Application will open homepage named Locations with list of all locations in system

If you don't have username and password you can send request to our support.



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