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Accounts page is used for managing of user accounts. If the user has opened many accounts at the more  Supracontrol servers it is possible to add those, for monitoring of operation conditions and receive system's notifications. Supracontrol Enterprise application contains default server * that is used to connect to the cloud application.

Creating a new account:




1. Button Add new, allows input field of the server, named New server
2. Input field must contain server's URL address and port for communication with Supracontrol service. (Example: and save all settings
3. After successfully input server's address, application will return to the login page where is above the input field for username and password displayed server's address
4. Enter username and password and press login button
5. Application will open homepage Locations


Deleting account:

1. Press icon next to the account's name
2. Confirm deleting by pressing Yes
3. Account is deleted

It isn't possible to delete default and current active account


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