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Peripheral devices

Icon mceclip3.png displays all peripheral devices related to a particular location and it is located at the same row as the location's name . Peripheral devices are displayed in form of the tabs. Each peripheral tab contains different information that depends on the peripheral's type.




1. Toolbar contains of the following tools:

  • 3.jpg - button Back is used to return to the homepage Locations
  • mceclip4.png -Location (C17) contains (4) four peripheral devices
  • 1.jpg - button Filter allows filtering peripherals by their type

2. Desktop contains tabs that displays information about peripheral devices. Each tab contains symbol, name and the state of represented peripheral device.
3. In the case analog sensor such as temperature and humidity, the currently measured value is displayed (27,51°C), and if it is digital sensor, the current status is displayed (No smoke). The information displayed in green color indicates regular operational state of the peripheral while the information displayed in red color indicate alarmed state value of the peripheral.




4. Orange button located at the bottom of the peripheral's tab expand display of the tab and shows additional information.
5. Tabs of analog sensors (temperature and humidity) displays graphic view for the measured values in the last 24 hours.




6. Access control (tab with icon of the padlock) tab displays buttons for the front and back lock of the and status of the front, back, left and right door of the IT enclosure.
7. Peripheral devices that are unavailable are displayed with grey color.
8. By selecting a padlock it is possible to unlock the lock




9. After selecting a button for unlocking, displays additional window with confirmation answer for unlocking the lock




10. By swiping the card to the left, depend on the peripheral's type, displays additional tools: Graph, Events and Details. Digital sensors such as flood rope, smoke and lock doesn't contain option to preview graphic display.




11. For easier finding tabs that are often in use, swipe tab to the right then appears icon to select tab as Favorite.



Graph - opens graphic display for the measured values of the analog sensors temperature and humidity:




1. Displayed period selection: 24hours(Day), 7days (Week) or 30 days (Month)
2. Graph contains High threshold (red line) and low Threshold (blue line) for the alarmed values
3. By the selecting any of the graph dot, opens a new window with detail information, Date, Time and value of the selected dot.
4. To close graph press X and back to the card display




Events - by selecting an icon Events, opens all events logs for selected peripheral device

  • Name - peripheral's name
  • Location - peripheral's location
  • Status - Peripheral device can be enabled or disabled
  • Value - current measured value
  • Low threshold - low margin for measured value
  • High threshold - high margin for measured value
  • Hysteresis alarm step - value of hysteresis
  • Average value - average value of measured values





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