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Event details

By pressing at the row of particular event log at the page Events, opens page Event details that displays information about selected event log.



1. Detailed information about selected event
2. If it's to an event assigned one or more video records, at the bottom will be displayed name of the camera, time duration of the video record and icon for starting a video record.




3. Status bar of video record displays preview of location, camera' name and date and time of video record
4. Icon X is used to exit from video record
5. Video record can be paused and started again
6. Information about total duration of the video record
7. With icon 1x it's possible to change speed of the video record preview. Video record can be previewed in the slow motion (0.1x and 0.5x) and in fast fast motion (2x and 5x). To preview video record in fast motion, it requires adequate network bandwidth.

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