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Business units

Business Units option allows selective restriction of surveillance of the Supracontrol Enterprise system locations. Business units is used to define group of the application users and allow them surveillance over the particular locations or part of the Supracontrol infrastructure. Every Business unit can be related with unlimited number of locations and users.




1. Press button Settings located at the main menu.
2. To display created business units, select option Business Units located at the sidebar
3. Work surface displays tabular view of the created business units. Every business unit is defined with following of parameters:

  • Name - business unit's name
  • Users - number of the selected users for particular business units
  • Locations - number of locations related to a particular business unit
  • Description - description of the particular business unit

Business units selection is possible by selecting the checkbox next to the business unit's name. Selecting is manifested by appearance of the check mark inside checkbox.

4. Toolbar contains toll which purpose is to manipulate new or existing business units:

5.jpg - tool for editing of the selected business unit
6.jpg - tool for deleting of the selected business unit
7.jpg - tool that allows table displaying at the desktop and manipulate of the showed information in table, column layout and column width
8.jpg - tool for adding a new business unit

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