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Create application users

When setting Users is selected, at the desktop is displayed list of all application users with all information about them (status, rights, first name, last name, username, phone number, and other information which user want to be visible).




1. In the main menu select Settings
2. In sidebar at the group System select option Users
3. At the toolbar select button ADD which is used to add new application user that opens new window




4. First name - input field for user's first name
5. Last name - input filed for user's last name
6. E-mail - input field for user's e-mail
7. Phone - input field for user's phone number
8. Username - input field for user's username
9. New password - input field for user's new password
10. Language - drop down menu to select between croatian and english language
11. Roles - select role for application user by selecting checkbox located next to the role
12. Save - saving all settings. Application user is created after all settings are saved

Red star located next to the name of the input field means that the field must be entered. Application user can't be created if that field isn't entered.

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