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Create schedules

Schedules are used to restrict access rights, video recording time period and sending events notifications. Option to create new schedule is located at the settings in group System.




1. In the main menu select Settings.
2. In sidebar in group System select option Schedules
3. At the toolbar select NEW button that opens new window




4. Name - input field for the schedule's name. Maximum number of the character is 16.
5. Reccurence  - drop down menu to select reccurence rate

  • Daily - reccurence rate every day
  • Weekly - reccurence rate every week. By selecting option weekly at the bottom of the window appearS option to select days in the week
  • Monthly - reccurence rate every month
  • Once - receruence rate is done only once

6. Start date - input field for schedule's start date
7. Start time - input filed for schedule's start time
8. End date - input field for schedule's end date
9. End time - input field for schedule's end time
10. Week days - allows user to select particular day in week when the notification will be received. LabelingSelecting
11. Save - saving all settings. Schedule is created when all settings are saved.
12. Icon display clock or calendar depending what field is selected. When time setting is selected opens clock or for selected option date opens calendar

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