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Create business units

Business units allows group of application users to surveillance over particular locations. Every business unit can have unlimited number of locations and  us.ers.
Business unit create window consists of the two tabs

  • Profile
  • Users




1. In the main menu select module Settings
2. In the sidebar at the group System select option Business units
3. Tabular view of created business units
4. At the toolbar select tool NEW that opens new window




5. Name - input field for business unit's name
6. Description - input field for business unit's description
7. Locations - drop down menu to select location for new business unit
8. Save - saving all settings. All saving became actual when the all settings are saved
9. Users - tab Users is used for adding application users to new business unit




10. When desktop at the Users tab is blank, means that there's no users added to business unit
11. Select button ADD for adding application users to business unit




12. Tabular view of all application users. Select desired user by pressing the empty checkbox located next to the users first name. Selecting is manifested by the appearance of the check mark inside checkbox
13. Press button ADD to add new user to business unit




14. In tabular view of the tab Users, added application user is visible and that means that he is added to business unit.
15 Save all setting. Application user is added to business unit after saving all settings.

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