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Create locations

Locations can have source in other location and its called sub-location. Unlimited number of locations and sub-locations can be created. Location manager is option for that.




1. In the main menu select Settings
2. At the sidebar in group System select option Location manager.
3. Desktop displas all locations and sub-locations in tree form
4. To create new location, select button NEW located at the toolbar




3. Input field for location's name
4. Save all settings. Location is created and visible at the desktop tree formu after all settings are saved



To create sub-location press source location for new sub-location that opens additional toolbar.




1. At the additional toolbar select tool Add location (+)




2. Input field for sub-location's name
3. Save all settings. Sub-location is created and visible at the desktop in tree form after all settings are saved

Created locations and sub-locations can be moved in other location or sub-location with drag and drop technique.  Press and hold desired location and drag it to the location to which it will be added. After that a new window opens where the changes are saved by the confirmation answer.




1. Press Yes to drag selected location to other location with drag and drop technique.

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