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Supracontrol Enterprise application


Supracontrol Enterprise application is used for centralized monitoring and managing of the Supracontrol system. It is available in web and mobile version, and it is used to real time monitoring of all controllers, sensors, detectros, cameras and other peripheral equipment. By using application it is easily to monitor operating condition, analyze events and manage control access in any industrial or commercial facilities. Application is using security HTTPS protocol and support unlimited number of accounts. Application sends over 500 types of alarms and events from Supracontrol device via e-mail, SMS or mobile application to notify users about system's operational conditions. Supracontrol Enterprise is available at the Hosted Cloud or On-premise version.
Mobile version of Supracontrol Enterprise application i available for Android and iOS platforms. Beside possibility of monitoring operating conditions in any time, application allows managing of the main system's function.



  • Centralized managing of the system via internet
  • View of the collected information and view of the alarm's and event's history
  • Storage of data, events and alarms from device; and video records to the SQL related database
  • Communication with IP camera via ONVIF protocol (supported manufacturers including Dlink, Hikvision, Qvis, Vivotek and others)
  • Possibility to search and view saved video records
  • Activate video record with systems events such as authorized access and open doors
  • Possibility of manual start recording
  • Display of the selected locations with belonging states and alarms at the map
  • Using HTTPS or SSL/TLS 1.2 protocol for secure data transmission
  • Possibility to unlock the lock with web or mobile application
  • Real time information display and display of the event's and alarm's history via web and mobile application
  • Mobile version of application is available for Android and iOS devices
  • Editing subscriptions of events and alarms for each user or group of users
  • Sending notifications for particular user or groups of users via e-mail, SMS and mobile application
  • Creation and editing schedule for access of users or group of users and IT enclosures and group of IT enclosures
  • Searching and filtering of the notified alarms and events
  • Supports managing of access users
  • Supports saving current image of the video camera
  • Supports rel time view of the image from one or more cameras
  • Supports 3 levels of access rights: Administrator, User, Access user
  • Supports managing of all system's device settings
  • Support automation by using rules for relay output based on the state of the device or defined user's schedule
  • Supports automatically starting of video recording activated via Video analyze (Motion detect, Line cross)


  • Data centers and IT facilities
  • Telecommunication base stations
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacture
  • Laboratories
  • Reconstruction area
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