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Firmware Uploader

Install the latest firmware to the Controller using Supracontrol Firmware Uploader:

  • Download appropriate firmware .hex file for respective Controller
  • PC and Controller must be in the same network to access the Controller
  • No UDP restrictions on the firewall
  • Run the SC_Firmware_uploader.exe




1. Enter the IP address of the controller. Default IP address of the controller is
2. Press  Connect.
3. The blinking red LED will indicate that the Controller is in firmware upload mode




4. Select Load Hex File and browse for the downloaded firmware .hex file




5. Press Upload and wait until your Controller installs the new firmware




6. When the upload finishes, appears a verification message
7. The green LED indicates that the Controller is operational
8. Press Disconnect and exit the application


Download Supracontrol and exit the application:


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