Locations tab contains all your peripherals sorted by location.


  1. Settings
  2. Expand/collapse location tree
  3. Number of peripherals, video cameras and alarms at the location
  4. Open detailed view of peripherals at the location




Detailed location view

  1. Switch to camera | Filter options
  2. Open additional peripheral info (if available)




Additional peripheral info

  1. Door status
  2. Lock status; press to unlock (if the user has appropriate access rights)




Swiping options

A) Locations with peripherals

Only locations with peripherals assigned directly to them can be swiped left for extra options

  1. Open events for selected location
  2. Open alarms at the selected location




B) Peripherals

Peripherals can be swiped left and right for their respective options

  1. Add peripheral to Favorites tab
  2. Open a detailed graph (if applicable)
  3. Open events for the selected peripheral
  4. Open detailed info on the selected peripheral




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