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Client access licenses (CAL) are used to add devices to the Supracontrol Enterprise application. You'll get to them by clicking Settings (gear icon in the upper-right corner of the screen) and in the System group on the left side panel click CAL manager.

There are two types of licenses:

  • for cameras
  • for controllers.

To create CAL licenses, you need to contact the Supracontrol support to get the code that will generate the required number of licenses.

You will then need to enter this code into the pop-up window that will appear after you press the green button marked by the + (plus) sign and the text Add.

If you run out of licences while adding cameras or controllers to the Supracontrol application it will not be possible to add further devices and a message will appear, saying there are no CAL licenses available.




1) Tabs showing the number of remaining, redeemed and total CAL licenses for controllers and cameras.

  • Total - displays the total number of licenses created.
  • Used - displays the number of licenses used, that is, how many controllers or cameras have been added to the application.
  • Remaining - shows the number of remaining licenses - that is, how many cameras or controllers can be added to the application.

2) Tabular view of the CAL license adding history. It consists of these elements:

  • Added - displays the date the license was added.
  • Controllers - displays the number of licenses added for controllers.
  • Cameras - displays the number of camera licenses added.
  • Created by - displays the first and last names of the application user who created the licenses.

3) Add button - use this button to open the pop-up window with input field for new licenses.


    Application version:
  • 2.4.4
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