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The Supracontrol Enterprise application allows you to activate video recording after detecting the transition of an imaginary line. Recorded videos can be viewed in the Playback module.

The line-crossing video setting needs to be set:

  • on camera via the web interface
  • in the Supracontrol Enterprise application.

1. How to set up a camera via web interface

In the main menu, select the Devices module and then the Cameras tab, where a tabular view of all cameras added to the application is available. Let’s take a look at what we need to set up the camera.


1) Camera settings via the web interface - here you can select the camera (or more than one) which settings you want to change. In the Name column, click the camera name underlined in orange. A new pop-up window with camera settings via the web interface will open.
2) Username - enter the user name of the camera here.
3) Password - enter the camera password here.
4) Login button - click the Login button to log in to the camera settings homepage.
5) Configuration - select the Configuration tab to access the camera configuration settings.
6) Basic Event - in the panel on the left side, in the Event group, select the Basic event setting.
7) Enable motion detection - tick the box to enable motion detection.
8) Enable - here you can turn on the line recording setting.
9) Area settings - this tab allows you to manually set the zone of control in which the camera will automatically create a video if motion is detected. You can set this zone in the Zone setting tab.
10) Save button - click the Save button to save and activate the settings you have entered.


2. Line crossing settings in the Supracontrol application

In the main menu, select the Devices module and then the Cameras tab.

Highlight the camera you want to set up to capture by detecting the motion by ticking the box next to it on the left side, and select the Camera Settings tool (it has a small gear icon) in the toolbar.

The Bulk Camera settings pop-up window will open.

Select the Recording tab, and then select the Motion detection setting. The following options will appear on the right:

1) Enable detection - by checking this box you will activate the start of recording entering the pre-defined zone of control.
2) Enable pre-event recording - if you select this option, you will enable pre-event recording.
3) Duration (sec) - enter the duration of the pre-event recording (in seconds).
4) Enable post-event recording - with this option you can enable post-event recording.
5) Duration (sec) - enter the recording duration after the event (in seconds).
6) Enable hysteresis - if you select this option, you will enable hysteresis. The hysteresis determines the time between two motion detection events that the system will recognize as the same
event and merge into one video.
7) Duration of hysteresis (sec) - enter the recording duration of hysteresis (in seconds).
8) Defined schedules - select from the drop-down menu whether to use predefined schedules or whether recording will always be active.
9) Cancel button and Save button - after entering all the data, click the Save button. If you want to cancel for any reason, click the Cancel button.

At any time you can ask for help if you click the question mark icon (?) in bottom left corner. Tab Bulk camera settings can be closed without saving by clicking X in top right corner.


    Application version:
  • 2.4.4
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