Controller configuration - Supracontrol Cloud

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1. Tehnical requirements


Br Service Port
1 Controller communication TCP 8888, HTTPS 443


Camera communication TCP 554, HTTP 8899
3 Firmware upgrade UDP 69
4 NTP server* UDP 123
5 Video streaming TCP 8085
6 Web application HTTP(S) 8080, HTTP 80
7 Mobile apllication HTTP(S) 8080



*If there is no local NTP server version of NTPv4.



2. Connect to the web interface

You need to access the web console to change the network and other controller settings. The default IP address of the Supracontrol controller is

1. Connect the Ethernet interfaces of the computer and the Supracontrol controller with an RJ45 connection cable (the controller must be connected to the power supply)

2. Configure the network settings of the computer's Ethernet interface to 192.168.0.x (eg, Subnet mask

3. Open an internet browser and enter the address A form for entering your username and password will open. The default username and password is admin


3. Controller configuration


Step 1. - Set up correct date and time



In the sidebar under the General option, you need to set the exact time and date. If the data is not correct, it will not be possible to establish the secure TLS1.2 connection required to exchange data with the Supracontrol server.


1. Enable manual time settings -check the option to set the time and date manually2.
2. Set to current time - select to set current date and time
3. Save - save settings




4. Enable manual time settings - unmark the manual date and time setting option
5. Save - save setting


Step 2. Setting IP address of the Supracontrol cloud server



1. On-premise server - select On-Premise server option from the drop down menu
2. Server IP - enter the IP address of the Supracontrol cloud
3. Save - save settings

After saving the settings, the device will reset and start communicating with the default server in 5 seconds. The LED indicator flashes green and orange, which means that it is trying to establish communication with the server.


4. Network settings


1. Manually set network settings 



1. Use DHCP - unmark option Use DHCP
2. IP address - enter the IP address of the controller
3. Subnet mask - enter subnet mask 
4. Default gateway - enter default gateway
5. Primary DNS - enter IP address of the primary DNS
6. Secondary DNS - enter IP address of the secondary DNS
7. NTP server - enter IP address of the NTP server
8. Save - save settings


2. Setting DHCP client option

Network settings can be automatically assigned using the DHCP (Dynamic Host Client Protocol) protocol.




1. Use DHCP - enable the use of the DHCP protocol to automatically assign network settings
2. Primary DNS - enter IP address of the primary DNS
3. Secondary DNS - enter IP address of the secondary DNS
4. NTP server - enter IP address of the NTP server
5. Save - save settings

Note: Network Time Protocol (NTP) is used to synchronize the controller time with the server time. Accurate timing is a prerequisite for secure TLS1.2 network communication.

In the option of connecting the controller to the Supracontrol Cloud platform via the Internet, it is possible to use any of the offered NTP servers on the Internet (it must use a minimum of NTPv3 according to RFC 1305). List of NTP servers in Europe:




    Application version:
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