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2.4.4 - 09.07.2021.
- Maintenance: Compare before save on edit
- Maintenance: [Events] Create user from card ID (group checkbox default to false, swipe tabs disable)
- Maintenance: [Access/Users, Groups] Disable "Save" buttons when creating new user/group
- Maintenance: Dialog refractoring (style updates, including new local/global rule forms)
- Maintenance: [Settings/Account] Location name format options updated
- Maintenance: Export to Excel - updated exported table style
- Maintenance: [Video/List] Dynamic update of "Status" filter
- Maintenance: [Settings/Application users] Added clear filter button in headers
- Maintenance: Description updates
- Maintenance: [Devices/Peripherals] Table updates, "Controller" column added, row loading fixed
- Maintenance: [Settings/Application users, Access/Users] Uploading user image while creating user
- Maintenance: [Video/List] Camera in alarm - added alarm icon on video
- Maintenance: [Video/Wall] New video wall- adding camera to video wall from video list moved from dialog to header
- Maintenance: General CSS updates
- Fix: [Events] Create user from card ID
- Fix: [Dashboard] Access card details (name fix)
- Fix: [Access] Attendence daily presence
- Fix: [Video/List] Video settings fixed (camera filtering)
- Fix: [Video/List] Open in new window fixed
- Fix: Datetime format fixed
- Fix: Validations
- Fix: Dialogs cut off at the bottom
- Fix: [Settings/Subscriptions] Non-user e-mail + user table fixes
- Fix: [Access/Users] Promote user fix
- Fix: [Settings/Report scheduler] Save schedule report fix

2.4.3 - 05.05.2021.
- Fix: Update logged in access usera and mapping changes to be visible immediately
- Fix: Subscription - Sending edit request when no need, description added
- Fix: Disk space u GB, low space u %
- Fix: Chart wrong datetime formating
- Fix: Editing a logged-in user and mapping changes to be visible immediately
- Fix: Forgot password - verify password
- Fix: AccessUsers - Sending edit request when no need
- Fix: App users export to excel fix, subscription and report schedule modal table small layout fix
- Maintenance: Location manager validations added
- Fix: Cameras tooltip message
- Fix: Dash correct alarm count on alarm button with filter on
- Fix: Disable saving empty comment
- Fix: Event comments 'cancel' button doesnt work
- Fix: Playback state column
- Fix: User expiration time cant be set unlimited
- Fix: Attendance fix filter and empty logs
- Fix: Main chart fix and update (zoom)
- Fix: Sensor info update


2.4.2 - 21.04.2021.

- Fix: Attendance report columns width to auto
- Fix: Show profile image in settings


2.4.1 - 20.04.2021.

- Maintenance: Initials instead of default profile image on access cards
- Fix: Sensor card last events added alarm ids
- Fix: Attendance and access report croatian translation added
- Fix: Map fix alarm numbers and initial position
- Fix: Offline devices filter status
- Fix: Active filter in access tab fix
- Fix: Dashboard filter fix
- New: Manual prompt from browser app install


2.3.5 - 13.04.2021.

- New: Attendance feature
- Maintenance: Sensor update and sensor bulk new api calls
- Maintenance: New device delete api call
- New: Video server data retention
- New: Camera settings added continuous recording and recording stream type
- Maintenance: Access reports now using their own api call for logs
- Fix: Manual recording from modal
- Fix: Map edit pin and clear selected location
- Fix: Event center flagged logs
- Fix: Access user add pin code
- Maintenance: Apply new table columns without manual setting to default
- Fix: Fail safe/secure on dash lock card



- New: Event comments
- New: Event flags
- New: Image profile
- New: Map new pin
- Fix: Peripherals table slow scrolling
- Fix: Video missing keys
- Fix: Video zoom
- Fix: Multiple fixes to make stream smoother
- Fix: Report download fix
- Fix: Smtp test mail fix
- Fix: Create user from event log
- Fix: Table resizing
- Maintenance: Added additional zendesk help keys
- Notice: Need Streaming Service v1.2.3


2.3.3. - 10.03.2021.

- Improved Video streaming server
- Added support for new SCC-DC50 controller
- Added support for new SCC-EC50 controller
- Added Report scheduler
- In-app update notification
- In-app help
- Access control and environmental reports
- Added red dot alarm and status notifications
- Added Alarm status in Devices peripheral list
- New video player design
- Double click on video now opens full screen
- Added zoom to pointer in full screen video
- Minor bug fixes
- Fixed various small glitches
- Dashboard cards redesign
- New top level menu icons and design
- Various UI/UX improvements






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